need some advice on how to get over my nervousness for my upcoming board exam

  1. hello guys! i'm about to take up my exam and i'm very very anxious about it. could anyone of you help me ease this feeling. i know it's normal but this anxiety's dragging me instead of pooling me up reviewing. i can't concentrate enough everytime i'm reviewing. is there any technique u know to overcome this kind of feeling?
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  3. by   manna
    Welcome to allnurses.

    Can you take some practice exams of some sort? The best way to combat nervousness is to be prepared (I sound like a Boy Scout) :chuckle

    Good luck!
  4. by   gij1
    You are not alone feeling nervous about upcoming boards. If you anxiety level is so high that you are not able to study, GET HELP. Some ways that might be of benefit:
    1. Rexlaxation tapes, self-hypnosis, can work wonders.
    2. Physical exercise reduces stress.
    3. Cut down on coffee
    4. It is okay to go to MD & get short term prescription prn for anxiety if anxiety is too high & not manageable.
    5. For me i had to take a look at my anxiety linked to my insecurties of fear of failure. Why did i not trust myself that i could study & pass, which i did.
    6. My motto is for Godsakes you got through nursing school, you will for dam sure pass the boards.
    Good luck! Let us know when you pass!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. by   rollingstone
    When I got to the point where I couldn't study I closed the book and went to a movie. Sounds like you need a little break from the grind. Good Luck.
  6. by   suzanne4
    Take the 24 hours off before the exam and just do something for yourself.
    Go out to lunch and see a movie. Get a manicure and pedicure.
    Get a massage. Just do something for yourself. This will be your last time as a graduate nurse, as soon as you pass your boards, you will be a Registered Nurse. So take advantage of this last day, the last as a GN.

    Good luck on your exam..................
  7. by   yousev
    thanks guys! u really don't know how happy i am talking to all of u there. that gives me a relief.. (much more than an MFA could give me as of this moment. sure, i'll let u guys know if i passed. thanks really for just simply typing ur words that really gives much encouragement to me. THANK YOUUUUUU!!!!! May God almighty bless u all out there.