Need Intervention...

  1. Hi all,

    l am new here and am lovin readin all the forums... Amazing bunch of ppls...

    l am sitting here on my puter waiting for my LAST result from a late exam l sat - due to illness. My very last result. 3 years and it all boils down to this last acute subject. l already got my job lined up, start my grad year (RN Div1) mid January... l got the rotations l wanted, just stressing about this last mark.... l am SOOOO nervous, l feel like l gonna vomit. So, if anyone knows how to tap into my lecturers head, mark me high enough then pls do. LOL... ARGh,

    have a great xmas all, and l will let you know how l go... hugs x
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  3. by   RN BSN 2009
    Welcome to the site, hope it works out for you!
  4. by   EricJRN
    Welcome to the site! Good luck on your results. We'll be thinking positive thoughts for you.
  5. by   Tweety
    Good luck to you. Welcome!
  6. by   NaomieRN
    Hello and welcome to allnurses. Good luck to you.

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