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  1. Hi everybody

    I am a nursing student in my last year.I am currently in Sweden as an exchange student! I need help to find out what specific nursing skills do you need to approach a child in paediatric nursing, Sounds weird I know But this is the assignment that I have been assigned and I cannot seem to find any information on specific skills only on general skills such as patience,etc.

    I hope you guys can help me
    Thanks a million
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  3. by   loriern
    I guess the first thing I would do is find out how old a patient. Next review the normals as far as vitals lab work and such the rest will fall into place. You can always try a web search for the particular illness the child has ect. Good Luck.
  4. by   USA987
    Welcome to the site! Have you tried to post your question in the pediatrics section???

    Good luck!
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