Need help with Austrian Nurse Daughter-in-law

  1. Hi Everyone, I am the proud father-in-law of Bettina who is a citizen of Austria, grad of Austrian Nursing School with two years' experience in surgical intensive care nursing. She and my son are living in Maui, Hawaii, and she is starting her quest to get her RN license in Hawaii. I have made it my mission to help her get through "the gauntlet" of getting her license. I have done extensive research to this point & have obtained about 98% of the information she needs to start her quest. (i.e. CGFNS requirements, Hawaii Nursing Board reqs., NCLEX test stuff, etc.) I am stuck on one point which I can't seem to find an answer to, & I hope someone here on can help us with.:uhoh21:
    A customer rep from CGFNS told me yesterday that Austria has a Nursing license or Certification board / bureau / or whatever (implying that Nurses get a license or certification beyond their graduation from Nursing school) BUT, Bettina (my daughter-in-law) tells me that they don't have anything like that in Austria. She only had to show her Diploma from her Nurse school to get a nursing position (which she did have for 2 years !) Can anyone tell me which is the case or where I can find out the answer??? I have scoured the net for 2 hours trying to find the answer without success.
    Thanks for any help U can provide.

    Best regards,
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  3. by   jnette
    Hello Nurse-Dad !

    My mother is from Vienna, so I know Austria well.. consider it my second home.

    I don't have an answer to your question.. wish I did. There used to be a member here on Allnurses who was a nursing school instructor in Vienna, but I haven't seen her around in a long time.. over a year now. I wish she was still active here, because she would most definately be able to help you out.

    Would Bettina be able to contact her school in Austria and inquire there about what you asked us here? Just grasping at straws... I have a best friend in Germany still with whom I am in touch regularly, but their system I'm sure is different than it is is Austria. I could have her check into it, however, if you'd like.. she might be able to help.

    At any rate, tell Bettina "Gruess Gott" for me and let us know how she makes out !
  4. by   suzanne4
    Did she have to take any type of exam when she finished school given by the government?

    As far as I know only the Russian "provinces" were the only ones that allowed you to practice directly as a nurse with just your diploma. What type of piece of paper does she have that allowed her to practice in Austria?

    You can try contacting the Austrian Board of Nursing, you may be able to find their address on the internet.

    I will try to check my sources for you.
  5. by   Nurse-Dad
    Thanks, Jnette, for your response and interest., and if your friend or relatives in Austria can help, I would be very grateful. Best regards,

  6. by   Nurse-Dad
    suzanne4, Thanks for your reply, also. From what Bettina tells me, she did not take any kind of special test or have to apply to the government for anything like a license or certification. She worked as a Surgical Intensive Care Nurse for two years at Vienna General Hospital. I don't know anything about Russian provinces in Austria ?
    I will see if I can find something on the net about the Austrian Nursing Board. Thanks for the idea.