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  1. I live in Michigan and I graduated many years ago and I have taken the RN nclex many times but failed, how ever I do have my LPN I just took the LPN nclex after my first year of nursing school and have worked as a LPN every since . I retook the nclex 4 years ago and again failed so never went back. How ever I have taken a review class and feel that I have a greater understanding of the nursing process am now ready to retake and will in Jan 2006. Should I do this or just go back to nursing school and not retake it in fear of failing ?
    I have since 2001 return and got my BA in Family Life Ed. and would like to find out the best school for 2nd degree BSN program in Michigan. Also any one know of a good online school for Bio, Chm, classes prerequisite for that program.
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    Don't know about the schools in Michigan but want to say good luck on your testing in January. Most BSN programs require that you have your RN license, but I know some are bridging LVN's. Good luck!
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    Which part of Michigan are you in?
    Where you live is going to be the biggest of the best nursing programs in the entire US is actually Wayne State University. They are located right in Detroit and are affiliated with the DMC.
    MSU has a program, as well as U of M.

    At this point, it may be easier for you to just do a bridge program for the RN from your LPN program. That is also going to be much faster for you to do.
    Check out University of Phoenix program. Or another program of that type. Since you already have you other degree and have been an experienced LPN, that would be your best bet.

    Trying to get into one of the second career, accelerated programs may take you much longer to get in. Especially in MI right now.

    Hope that this helps.
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    Thank you Suzanne I live in Southfield, and I have called for a packet of the 2nd Degree program. Say a prayer that it won't take forever to do the prereq.
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    Which program are you looking at? I think that it will be much faster for you to get into a bridge program to complete the RN. The waiting lists for the accelerated programs are much longer.

    Have you checked out University of Phoenix program for the bridge program?
    Where did you originally attend nursing school?
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    I went to wayne county commnity college and I am not aware of the bridge program
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    You have received some helpful answers here. Thought I would refer you to the NCLEX forum if you have further questions. This is an introductory forum, and you are not as likely to get the answers you need here. Here is the forum that may help you: