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  1. Hi my name is Jacki. I have been a R.N. since 2000. Currently I am unemployed. Depression has been a huge stronghold in my life. I want to get back in the field, though am ridiculously afraid. I lost 2 wonderful jobs I absolutely LOVED due to depression. I am on a new antidepressant and feel its beginning to work, however the fear has a hold on me. I would love to do some travel nursing in Florida. I graduated top of my nursing class, and have always been told I am a very intelligent and extremely compassionate nurse. Help!!! Has anyone any experience traveling with different staffing agencies? Any info, advice, encouragement will be greatly appreciated. God Bless you all!!!

    Jacki RN
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  3. by   Tweety
    Best wishes.

    Questions regarding travel nursing can be asked on the Travel nursing forum we have here. Good luck!
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    Hi Jackiannie and welcome!
    I, too, have suffered from depression and bouts of not being able to work anywhere much less in the stressful field of nursing during these terrible periods of my life. I have finally been properly diagnosed and am currently on two different meds for my bipolar disorder. Lamictal and Cymbalta. The combination of these has definitely made a huge difference in my life and perception of life and situations in general. The meds plus talk therapy has lead to hopes for a more normal life at last!
    Probably what I would want to remember about what I've been through and perhaps what you are experiencing is that once you feel level again after the new med kicks in you should force yourself to "walk through it", the dread of becoming employed again. And be honest with yourself regarding where and doing what kind of nursing it is that you truly want to do. I have pretended that being a nurse is the only thing on this earth that I am meant to do and now after much therapy and soul searching, many lost spent wringing my hands over my career choice, changing medications over and over again with no proper diagnosis made that I must do what is right for me right now. Try a different vocation if there are issues in nursing that you cannot change or if there is a genre of nursing you haven't tried yet that appeals to you. Just remember, everyone in the same situation whether due to illness or just life's circumstance, probably feels very similar to how you're feeling right now about getting back in the saddle again. But remember, too, that you're not lost and will be fine. Everything falls into place as you are oriented to that new job on the new unit at the new facility. You may learn that others you work with have felt the same when they first started working there. New nurses and new employees in general most always have those new job jitters no matter what career or what organization they are employed in. I hope this helps. Just know, too, that you're not alone. There are many others in your same situation. Personally I wouldn't opt for travel nursing quite yet. Not until you're sure that the new med is right for you and the dosage is properly adjusted. I am just thinking of how I would respond to the travel bit if I were trying to get back into nursing. I would be even more unsure of myself and more timid of trying to work again if it meant that I'd have to be away from home. Just me, though. Ultimately you have to decide what is right and what feels right for you. Everyone handles changes differently. Good luck in whatever you decide.
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    Thank you nurseangel47! May God Bless you in all that you do! Your words are inspiring, and encouraging. I'll keep in touch! Please do the same. I am new to this forum and this site, so bare with me. :spin:


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