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  1. Hi, I am new to this site- I am an Ensign in the USN and on the psychiatriac unit at Portsmouth Naval hospital in Virginia. My year on the unit will come in July and I am hoping to go to NICU or APD or ED. I have no complaints about the Navy so far - I was in the Air Force for almost 3 years as a 3S051 (personnel) and left and now I'm in the Navy. My only complaint was that after I went up to the unit I was on nights 8 hour shifts 5 days a week for over 6 months and I am now on days - but wishing I were back on nights. I do like the Navy - I do still feel connected to the Air Force and would reallly like to transfer but dont know how or if it would benifit me. But oh well, I will make the best of this Navy thing and hope to go far.
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    Welcome to All Nurses
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    Hello there, Navy Nurse !

    Welcome to Allnurses !

    My son just joined the Navy in August.. he's now assigned to the USS George Washington up in Norfolk. It's currently in drydock, so he's not even been on a cruise yet.
    Heh...he's not complaining..with his 6'5 frame, I don't see how he'll ever fit in one of those racks.. if he ever went on a long deployment, he'd surely acquire some serious contractures from having to lie in the fetal position all that time...

    Wanna see my Sailor? Too bad, you're going to anyway.

    A mom has the right to brag.

    I, too, was in the Air Force some uhhh.. heh... thirty years ago. :stone
    Was a 90250.. Medical Coprsman.

    I hear the Navy has the best medical folks, though. Hope you get what you want out of the Navy, 'cuz they'll sure take what THEY want ! :chuckle

    Again, welcome aboard.
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    Thank you for your reply! I hope your son enjoys Navy life.
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    Hi! Spouse was a Navy nurse for 8 years. If he's stuck with it he'd be ready to retire. One of his friends is still in and sitting pretty, as a high ranking nurse, running the OR on a ship of of Africa.

    Good luck to you and welcome!
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    Welcome to the site. I'm a Navy spouse....15 yrs. down and 5 more to go!! I have several friends who are Navy Nurses. While it seems like you get to work in a wide variety of areas, the rotating shifts would be tough.

    Glad you joined the site!