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  1. Hi all,

    Name is Buffey and yes that is my real name...and yes I have heard many derivations throughout my life.
    Nurse for 6 years....mostly working in cardiology. Worked for 1 year with EP doc and then went back to hospital...better hours, more freedom, better money. Newly to ICU area to gain more general intense experience. I miss cardiac specialty and will go back soon. Outside of that just joined this to feel connected to other nurses etc...on the issues and feelings of things. Not all my friends can always relate. Loving the insight so far.

    Before the nursing have had other careers and possibly will add another...but being a nurse will never leave my heart.

    Cheers, Buff
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    Welcome. Let us know about life in the ICU as you experience it.
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    Welcome to the site
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    Welcome aboard.