My Love Affair!

  1. Can anyone help me? I have found this site today while surfing the net, looking for information on relocating to Florida.

    I am a British Nurse with 3yrs trauma/orthopaedic experience and 1 year ICU.

    My love affair with florida started four years ago when i went on holiday their as a reward for qualifing as a RN. I soon realised after returning again and again, and buying a property there that is where i want to be.

    But how? obviously i had already the best thing my RN training.

    But what now i am ready to go ahead. I have been in contact with agencies (o'grady payton etc), but have heard that you are not guaranteed to get a job in my desired state and that with their commission wages are lower. A nurse i work with said that you can apply directly to the state nursing board, is this easy? and will i be able to find a job?

    are there any other ways?

    i would like to hear from anyone who can give me some info

    Best regards Carolyn
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  3. by   Tweety
    Welcome. The best place to ask these kinds of questions is on the International Forum here: and in particularly the UK forum listed on the same page. Good luck!