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  1. Wow, I've been gone for about a year. I'll re-introduce myself.
    I'm a new RN (just passed NCLEX this month) AND a newlywed (about a week before the boards -grin).
    38yo male from Dover, Florida, I've traveled the country and part of the world, but am back where I came from (what can I say?).
    The pic is my bike, I've been riding since the '70s, and a few years ago I gained the kind of view of healthcare that patients' get, thanks to a drunk who sideswiped my bike (from the front -the devil was going in the other direction, tossed me a little distance from my bike, and I was in a (brief) coma that night. I was choppered -I hate helicopters).
    I work in a large hospital, in a step-down unit, my primary career goal is to work in critica care, specializing in cardiac.
    My other main goal is to build a biplane (a Pitts model 12, to be specific) which I intend to begin in about 3 years.
    This board was helpful to me when I was busily being a nursing student. I'm hoping I can pass the favor along, and be of some help and encouragement to other nursing students.
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