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  1. Hello from the northern reaches of society in the cold state of Minnesota (todays low -10 F). My main interest in joining this forum is to explore other nursing experiences in other regions of our country. My nursing experience is fairly brief. I graduated in spr 2000, started in psych nursing (lasted 7 mo.), worked as a float nurse in an acute care hospital for a year and then decided to try ICU where I finally found a place to call home. I have spent the last 4+ yrs at the same hospital in Duluth Minnesota and have been generally satisfied. Along the way when working as a float nurse I started working on a MS degree as a FNP, which lasted a year, have not decided whether it is worth the effort to finish. My latest interest is moving from the area and finding warmer but yet safe and comparable working conditions in a southern part of the country, preferably the southeast. I have not filled out my profile yet but will shortly. I hope to find out about other's experiences and also obtain some information so that I can make an informed decision as to where my career will lead me. Hope to hear from others. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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    The great thing about nursing is that it gives you the opportunity to just fish and find your niche. Always loved that aspect. We all fish, here and there, during our careers. Nothing wrong with it at all.
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