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  1. Hello,
    About Me: I'm currently a nursing student and hope to graduate in Dec 2005. Currently attending a community college is South-west Michigan. I have a BA in Economics so like a lot of people this is a career change and only wish I had done it sooner. :stone
    I'm excited and at the same time nervous about graduating...I'm not sure where I want to work. When I read the "freebie" student magazines scattered about in our nursing classes, I see there are a lot of openings for new grads in ICU, so I figure I will work in ICU for a year and see where that takes me.
    With nursing school I have very little free time, at this time I'm essentially a couch potato with watching videos and playing video games as my only source of entertainment.
    Hope to meet a lot of people within these forums and good luck to all the nursing students.

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    Welcome to the forums. Good luck in school.
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