my 1st interview tommorrow, anyone got any tips?

  1. hey everyone!
    im not sure how this works but i hope i get some reply lol
    well i have an interview tomorrow to start training in september as an adult nurse. its the first interview i have ever been to! i really hope i get in, but im so worried about the questions they are going to ask! can someone please send me some questions they may ask, so i can prepare my self.

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  3. by   wjf00
    Is the interview for school or work? If it is work,it is more important to have some questions of your own to ask. I would suggest staying away from pay, it is over-rated when you are new. Most important is what kind of orientation and support will you be getting? Does it include clinical and didactic? Is orientation only go for a set time period or is it open ended depending on your needs? Will you have a resource person when you are on your own? If they stumble on your questions, I wouldn't even bother to stick around to answer theirs. If the interview is for school, I wouldn't worry, you are going there to learn, so you don't have answers yet. Just be prepared to tell them why you want to be a nurse.
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  4. by   hopefully
    good luck on your interview
  5. by   suzanne4
    Looking at your age, I suspect that you are going for an interview at a nursing school...........................just be yourself and answer the questions honestly.......

    Good luck...........