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  1. Been lurking for a while and now that I'm done the last semester of pre-reqs before, Lord willing, starting an ABSN program in July I figured finally signing up would be a nice idea.

    Short bio:
    Born/raised in S.E. PA, went to Penn State for my B.A. then joined the AF for 6 years and a bit. While on active duty I volunteered for a Fire Dept. for 4 years or so and as part of that got my EMT-B and EMT-P certifications. I got out back in '05 b/c Mrs. JV and I couldn't get orders to the same place and since my -P had lapsed (couldn't find an ALS job), I went back to school doing pre-reqs for medical school. I didn't get in (not surprising--the odds are thin no matter who you are) and so reconsidered nursing as an alternate career path. Probably the biggest hurdle wasn't academic but personal in overcoming my prejudices re: male nurses. I used to believe pretty much all the stereotypes and, well, I was wrong--sorry... Spending a metric buttload of time working with male nurses at all levels of education/credentialing all over the hospital (i.e. ADN's on Med/Surg and CRNA's in the OR) made me realize that there's zero shame/weirdness about being a R.N. with XY chromosomes.
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    Welcome to Allnurses jvencius!! Glad you decided to join in!
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