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  1. Hi my name is linda and i am a mature student about to finish my first year and going to transfer to Mental Health.
    I am due to visit my brother in Brisbane this summer and would love to carry the rest of my training in Brisbane .
    Could anyone give me any info/advice re this and i am unsure of the difference re training in the U.K.and in Austrailia.
    thanks linda:chuckle
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  3. by   emmy
    Hi Linda, Welcome to allnurses
    In Australia the nursing degree is not seperated into different streams as in the UK.You qualify with a general nursing degree and then I assume that you specialize afterwards- you do get to experience all of the areas during your degree though, I'm not too sure of the whole process I'm in my first year and am originally from the UK. You are probably better off asking someone on the Australian thread (there is some good info in the sticky at the top).