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  1. so. i guess i'm here to introduce myself. my name is jen. and for the past week i have been an "offical" nursing student. if we dare count the ap, microbio,english,math,ect ect ect that was required even before applying for an rn program.. then you can say i've been at it for 3 years. like my title states, i live in menifee ca... which is somewhat between san diego and riverside. i came to this site because i'm in need of a topic on "nursing issues". as far as what my insturtor actually meant by "issues", i'm unsure... i guess i'll know it when i see it.
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    Hi Jen, welcome to allnurses!! This site has tons of great info for school, has helped me a lot. Good luck with school!
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    Hey- I'm a nursing student too. We're looking in to moving to Menifee, CA. We live in Las Vegas, NV now and the school systems are terrible! I googled menifee, ca nurse jobs and came across your post. Can you tell me a little about menifee? I have two young kids and we'd lived in Nebraska for almost 2 years so am kind of wanting the "country" lifestyle. I felt like my kids were safer there and am hoping Menifee is similiar. Saw the windmills on your online newsletter for menifee and was enticed b/c windmills are big in Nebraska too!haha

    I am looking to become a NICU nurse, but am not sure what nurses are located near menifee. I want to get into a new grad program, but haven't had much luck searching for one in menifee area. Any ideas?

    Thanks and good luck w/your nursing career!
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