Medical Massage Therapy

  1. greetings, my fellow nurses! i am new at this - please lead the way for me to follow. i am a rn-bsn currently working as a prenatal educator and marriage enrichment educator (separate jobs). i am interested in becoming a registered medical massage therapist. i welcome your thoughts and opinions as well as advice for training. any knowledge concerning schools in the oklahoma city area would be nice as well. i have been a nurse for 20 years. with 2 teenagers and a "mid-life crisis" i want to do something different. hospital/shift work is just not me anymore. i love massage therapy and have had a growing interest in this field for several years. i now feel that i am ready to begin my new path. help!! ~jl :snowman1: i love snow!!
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    Welcome. We have a nurse massage therapist forum here, but it's not very busy, but you might find some useful information.