May grad looking for advice for starting work after graduation

  1. Hi my name is Stephanie and I am 20 y/o. I will be graduating in mid-May:hatparty: I was just wondering if anyone could offer me some advice on starting work as a nurse following graduation. I just accepted a job at a local hospital on a "Neuro Intermediate" floor which they described as a Step-Down from NeuroTrauma ICU. They also have a stroke center. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you so much .
    Stephanie, Future RN and graduate of the May '04 class
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  3. by   skanded
    No advice here, as I will be graduating behind you in Dec. Just wanted to say CONGRATS and wish you lots of luck on your boards and with your new position.
  4. by   Stephanie_83
    Thank you! I would like to say good luck to you too in finishing school and in passing your boards!!!Stephanie