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  1. Hello Folks,
    My name is Alex and I'm a first year freshman at Eastern Kentucky University majoring in nursing of course (BSN). During my senior year of high school, I obtained my CNA license and worked at the hospital in my hometown on the Gereatricts floor. I'm finishing up my first semester as a college boy and I'm proud to say I think I pulled it off with a 4.0.
    I'm extremely excited that I found this website. As I was bored earlier today sitting in my dormroom taking a break from homework and studying for finals, I decided to take a look for a nursing forum in hopes to find variety of things. I'm pleased to say that definately has all areas covered.
    Just a few extras about myself; I 19 (male) and I enjoy shooting photography as a hobby. Be sure to take a gander at my photos when you get a chance and let me know what you think! Some of my photos:Picasa Web Albums - Alex
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  3. by   Tweety
    Nice to meet you. Nice photos.
  4. by   suzy253
    Hi & welcome to Allnurses!
  5. by   DigitalWanksta
    Thank you for the warm welcomes!