Making a Career Change - Nervous and Stressed but Determined

  1. Hello All!

    I've just made the decision to go into nursing after realizing that my career in the art field is unbearable, insecure and impractical anymore after 11 years. I'm raising a teenage boy on my own and living in Southern California right now. Some family in the Chicago area has kindly invited us to come and live with them so I can get started on prerequisite classes for the community college nursing program, but I'm scared to death that I might not have the nerve or the stamina to make it. Right now, I have a Chemistry, Biology and Math requirement to make in order to apply to the program - I took Human Genetics I when I was in college - does anyone know if that counts as Biology? Intro to Psyche and English Comp are out of the way already.

    Anyway, I am overwhelmed as I write this introduction, as I'm planning how to get out of here, the details of the move and the money pit that goes with it, and how I'll afford everything else once I get out there. I'm worried that I will overstay my welcome in my sister's home by doing prerequisite studies that I may have to complete there, as my job currently is so emotionally and physically draining, I won't be able to fully concentrate on studies after work. Math and Science has never been a strong point for me, though I do want to become a nurse and help people. I'm also worried about the admissions process at the community college I'm trying to get into. If the waiting list goes on forever, what will I do if I never get in?....These are all problems that are so stressful to me right now...I'm trying to reassure myself that I'm making the right decision, but the money problems - paying for school, paying for my son's needs through highschool...All are beyond overwhelming.

    I would love to talk to anyone who could be of any encouragement because I have none where I'm at now. Anyone, particularly a single mom who has changed careers to go into nursing and had to move away to do it, would really be a godsend to me right now. Is there hope??? Please trust me that my current career is stalled to a point where I know it will go nowhere fast in the coming years. After 11 years of it, I can see the writing on the wall (not to mention I just hate living here by now - never really got used to it), and it will never provide the security or sense of self worth I need to live a satisfying life. I'm about to turn 33, btw.

    Thanks so much to anyone who might answer...
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  3. by   MelodyRNurse
    Hi, I'm 25, a single mom and attending nursing school. I went from being a waitress and sleeping on peoples couches to where I am now. I just got my LPN and I am in the RN program. I stayed with my family while I did my prereqs and got a small apartment while in my clinicals. I have somehow managed to do this. I moved two hours away from my home, family, and friends to go to school because the waiting list in my home town was like 3-4 years. anyway enough about me. I was wondering if you'll have to work full time while attending school and if you would go part -time or full-time?? Prerequisite classes were easier for me than nursing school. Not to intimidate you but just to give you a heads up on that. Its hard but possible. I think its to your benefit that you have a support system that is willing to do that for you! Your son is in school so you won't have to find childcare. If your worried about the wait call the head of the nursing department and ask how long the wait will be, they should have an idea. Good luck! It can be done.
  4. by   spydercadet
    Hey Trixie Nurse!!!

    Good for You!!! You are so going to love being a nurse, but getting through nursing school is a BEAR!!! DO NOT let it stop you. Everyone, no matter who it is, at some point in nursing school said to themselves, "this just isn't worth it." But we all stuck with it and made it; therefore, it is worth it. So, my best advice for you or anyone considering nursing school; take any help from anyone willing to give it you. You are going to need it. And, after graduation, just think of the great party you’ll be able to treat everyone to for all that help they’ve given to you. And, as a post teenager parent, these are the hardest years to parent. But just like everything else, do-able.

    As far as how to get through nursing school, break it down into number of weeks; 10 weeks of NS101, then you tell yourself, "I can do anything for 10 weeks." Pretty soon, so many 10 weeks have passed by that out of nowhere - you’re a graduate nurse. Then all that is left to do is take the NCLEX exam. For you, it will be such a piece of cake, after all that you’ve been through; raising children, managing nursing school, and maintaining your home and sanity that - WAALA you're the nurse!!! YEAH!!!

    See how simple that was. But really, it can be done by breaking it down; use weeks, holidays, and family events - whatever it is, it makes the overwhelming manageable and the manageable is doable!!

    Good Luck – Future Nurse of America
  5. by   mpgross
    Hey Trixie Nurse:

    I,too, am returning to school after a long hiatus. Fall semester was my first semester back in school since I completed da law degree in 1988!! Anyway, you can do it!!! Just don't give up. You can only eat an elephant one bite at a time.
  6. by   Tweety
    You will find lots of encouragement here on the student forums, as well as other forums. I look forward to your posting. Good luck to you! You can do this!

    Welcome to Allnurses!