Macomb 2009 RN Alternate Student

  1. Hi and hello to everyone. I am new to this forum, thanks for being here.

    I started classes at Macomb Community College last fall. I have completed
    my requisites for the 2009/2010 program and currently #20 on the alternate
    list (4.0 GPA and 86 HESI) I am hopeful that I will get in, but just in case I am currently taking 2400 General Microbiology to satisfy the 2010/2011 enrollment requirements.

    I am a very young 49 year old (I still get carded, honestly) who will celebrate 30 years with AT&T on October 9, 2009. I am interested in a career change. I have a love and passion for nursing. Would like to hear from older graduate students regarding their experiences with employment opportunities.

    Thanks, and thanks again for being here.
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    Hi and welcome to allnurses! Good luck to you!
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    Welcome and best of luck
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    2010 Alternate Nursing student at Macomb Community College #21!!!!
    What are my chances....I am happy and worried at the same time....please let me know what my chances are of getting in the nursing program? I keep praying for a miracle--that's all I can's in His will.
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    Whereas, I did not get in I was # 38. 2009-2010 alternates up to #22 did get in, best wishes!