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  1. I'm from the Phils and is now on our fourth week of school. The school offers a 15 month program for LVN. We've already taken up bed making, vital signs, therapeutic communication and is beginning with our anatomy and physiology, pharmacology and nutrition. I'm just wondering if LPN/LVN program in the states are going through the same subjects.

    What else do you guys go over aside from the normal clinicals? How long is the LPN program there? How much is the average salary of the LPN? RNs? How tough is it getting an LPN job over there?

    Our school is workin on a tie-up with RUE where we can avail a study now pay later plan for continuing education once we're through with the LPN program and pass our boards. Should I go for it right away after passing the boards or should I ease up a litlle and work as an LPN first?
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