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  1. hi there just registered and i think it is great.i've been an lpn for many years i was trained in england where i worked as an s.e.n, since here i have completed two years of college,now i would like to register with excelsior college and challenge the concept exams.can anyone give some tips on how to pass without having to repeat because these exams are eexpensive. 1/22/07
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  3. by   chosenchocolate
    Hi Carriacou,
    I am presently an Excelsior College student waiting to pass Cpne. I realize the nursing concept exams are expensive and the trend for the last couple of years has been the prices increased each year. Unfortunately, EC does not allow challenging exams. They will accept your general ed courses. My advice to you would be thoroughly research EC before investing money. The concepts exams can be passed relatively easy using right study material (i.e. Chancellors, College Network or gathering your own info using outline from EC) but at the end u must complete a 2 1/2 day clinical $1700 very stressful but it can be done, errors are almost nonexistent to be successful. Initially EC sounds convenient which it is but If I had to do it over and not b so close to completion I probably would go the traditional route. It is up 2 u to find adequqte prep for the CPNE. Don't mean to be discouraging just stating facts but dont just take my word. If i can inform u further feel free to email me.
  4. by   Tweety
    Welcome. There are several EC students on our distance learning board here. I hope you can find some tips. Good luck.