1. Hi all,

    I hope I can get some input on my dilemma. So I currently hold a Bachelors in Biz and now want to go into nursing. Currently I am taking prerequisites and looking to apply to Uconns accelerated BSN program. A ot of these SUNY schools require SO many prerequisites which I feel is a bit much. So now I am questioning if I should take a LPN course to start off and then RN. Anyone who has been in my situation please help.

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  3. by   Pianoplaya94
    I'm not sure where you live, but most accelerated nursing schools in Canada only require an Anatomy and Physiology course. Some require an additional microbiology course. If you are in the US, maybe there are some schools that have similar requirements? If you do LPN - BSN, that would be 4 years. So couldn't you do a 4 year BSN?
  4. by   Cactus Nurse
    Doing LPN will allow you to start working faster and will help you when you go back for rn. You will probably just be spending more in the long run, but that's most likely my plan. However I have no intention of getting rn just yet, I make good money now and don't have time to cut down on hours to do school. I do almost everything as a rn... I'm in Arizona btw

    I did LPN to start working faster and all my prereqs had expired so it's really just up to you what you have time for
  5. by   Redhead,RN
    Where do you want to work? If you want to work in a clinic, don't even bother with your RN, LPN will do. Hospitals will usually only hire BSN RNs. I wish someone would have told me this. I wouldn't have wasted my time on the BSN...
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