lpn from the old school but new to this site

  1. hi everyone......i am new to this site and i am sooo excited to find it. what an awlsome bunch you all seem to be! a little about me.......i am a mother of 5 sons ages 26,24,23,17 and 13........my oldest recently home from iraq whewww.........and may god bless the all the others still over there!!!! i am an lpn 14 yrs with a wide variety and experiance in nursing including med surg, geriatrics, emergency room exp, and my passion was working in alcohol & chemical dependency rehab & detox, while also doing hiv testing/education/prevention with pre and post test counseling. i got my lpn in ny where i am from originally and was a nurse for 10 yrs in ny. i have been an lpn now here in northern virginia for the last 4 yrs. i guess the thing im most excited about by finding this site is that i see alot of brand new nurses on here. i want more than anything to see them start off right. in this world of PAPERWORK PAPERWORK PAPERWORK in nursing now & everyyyyday there seems to be 1 more form tossed at us just never ending.........PLEASE NEVERRRRRR FORGET OUR PATIENTS COME FIRST AND PAPERWORK 2ND!!!!!! DO NOT ALLOW ANYYYY EMPLOYER TO TAKE THAT DIGNITY FROM EITHER YOU OR YOUR PATIENT!!!! i hope i make many friends here. new nurses, feel free to come talk to me ANYTIME you want if i can help i surely will.........and all you veteran nurses, i look forward to sharing and learning from you as well........no matter how long a nurse we will NEVER stop learning and a good nurse will always be willing to learn something new
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  3. by   sirI
    hello and to allnurses.com

    great to have you join us. enjoy the forums.
  4. by   Thunderwolf
    please check out our lpn corner forum and psychiatric nursing forum which can be accessed via the link below. glad your son is home, safe and sound.

    to allnurses.com !!!

    and thanks for registering as a new member!

    in our forums, you will find all the nursing news, support and direction that you will need as a new or seasoned nurse in the field. we have about 150 forums in total.

    our list of different forums is located here: https://allnurses.com/forums/

    have a topic to discuss or question to ask? go the the list of forums, pick the forum that best matches, and post in there (pg 13 language always). you will get feedback. so, check back often.

    just a few bulletin board reminders for new members:

    and, lastly

    well, that should get you started. and, we hope you enjoy allnurses.com and participate often. we are a community of nurses (and future nurses) who enjoy being at the service of each other!

    your supermoderators,

    smilingblueyes & thunderwolf

  5. by   Jessy_RN
    welcome to the site. enjoy your stay and best wishes to you.
  6. by   GPatty
    Hello and welcome!
    I can relate to the Iraq thing....my SIL is heading out tomorrow AM. Lord, I just can't believe it. And our beautiful dd is pregnant with their first child.

    welcome again! and I hope you find everything you search for!

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