1. Hi everyone! Just happened to stumble across this website while looking for information for my cover letter and resume. I think this is site is GREAT!!!! I'm having trouble putting together my resume because I feel I don't have enough experience. My first and only nursing job since graduating last year was in a long term care facility. I only worked there for a year. Before going to nursing school, I worked in Finance and Accounting and never once worked in any nursing capacity.
    MIDLIFE CAREER CHANGE!! Although I found working in long term care to be very rewarding I would like to explore med/surg, mom/baby or possibly even surgery. What advice can anyone give me on ways to break into other challenging positions. Right now, because of my recent (reluctant) relocation I'm looking toward long-term care because that's all I know right now. And because I need a job right away $$$$$$$$. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I LOVE NURSING AND I'M SO GLAD I BECAME A NURSE.
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Welcome to the site! If I remember correctly, monster.com has a section on resumes with some good advice for people who are new graduates.
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    Nice to meet you! Welcome to Allnurses!