Love and Passion for Nursing

  1. :angryfire Im from the world of IT who left my special someone and worked abroad after graduation.
    started to earned 1200USD/month
    After 2 yrs I resigned from being an IT supervisor
    And Was Accepted As Flight Attendant in an Int'l Airline.. but coz of my lovelife i didnt arrive on my departure date and just decided to take up nursing with my special someone.. hoping for a peaceful life and successful lovelife.....

    Would my new career will end up happily and successfully?

    We'll never know... As for now im happy with my life studying together with my special someone...

    Have a good day....

    How about you can u share ur exp? why do you pursue in nursing? is it about money? passion for caring a person whom u do not know? Or like me whom just want to be my special someone and got inspired everyday?
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  3. by   Tweety
    Welcome to Allnurses.

    Yours is an interesting motivation. I'm in nursing for the money, job security and I have a strong desire to help people get well. Not necessarily in that order.

    (We're not like a text message where we charge for the letter/word. You can write out "your" and "you" and "because" and "experience" to make it easier to read. No biggie though. LOL)
  4. by   Logos
    I have three kids, a house, a mini van, a little SUV, student loans, wonderfully high taxes, health insurance, braces for the kids, a dog, a cat, a guiena pig and a husband. I go to work for a paycheck. It's not love and passion, it's food, health care and housing.