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  1. Hello,
    I'm a 48 year old male nurse grad. I just failed the nclex for the 2nd time today. I'm really don't know where to turn at this point. I've taken three different prep courses and spent over $1000 dollars on study materials. Hope someone out there has some helpful suggestions.
    ,TLC :mortarboard:
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Hi and welcome. I'm so sorry that you haven't met with success at conquering the NCLEX. What do you think the problem is? Could you ask past instructors what they see? Are you close to passing? Has it been awhile since you've been in school and maybe a refresher would be in order?

    I wish you the best. More folks will be along soon with some more suggestions.
  4. by   Tweety
    Welcome to Allnurses. I'm sorry to hear of your troubles. Check out our NCLEX forum here: https://allnurses.com/forums/f197/ there's a few tips there. Suzanne, the moderator of that forum, has a study plan many have used to pass when they've failed. Good luck!
  5. by   tcarver
    Not sure where this study plan is located . Is part of the sauders comprehensive. Which edition? Or this a plan that suzanne4 created. Any help would be apreciated.
  6. by   Tweety
    PM Suzanne to get information. I'm not sure what her study plan entails.https://allnurses.com/forums/f197/fi...de-135609.html