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  1. Hi everyone, my name is bettybinder and i am new to this group. it is very nice to know that there is a web site that people share their experience in the same field. live in Houston Texas and i am currently a junior in University of Houston. I am trying to get a degree in social work and then move on to be a nurse. Nursing was my very first major but i change my mind when i was failing some classes like anatomy and physiology, and chemistry. i thought i got scared so i changed my major, but after fews years of being a cna my mind is set on being a nurse. My boyfriend just became an Rn and he motivates me a lot. I hope that i hope i can get one or two hint from all of you that have already gone through nursing school. please i will like to communicate with everyone because i know that two heads are better than one. i have read some questions and reply and this is a great site for nurses. thanks for the opportunity to introduce myself.
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    Hello and Welcome to the Board
    Best Wishes,
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    Hi and welcome to allnurses!!

    Lots of great information, support, and advice on here, glad you joined us!
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    Thanks for the intro! Welcome!
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    hello and welcome to the wonderful family of allnurses.com. enjoy your stay, and best of luck to you.

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