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Good Afternoon Everyone, This is my first time on this site, and it looks pretty interesting. I am looking for other RNs who are involved in Chargemaster maintenence. I am having a difficult time... Read More

  1. by   techRN
    Am looking for a chargemaster course either on site on online but I don;t work for a hospital - can anyone suggest one? Thanks.
    Quote from Pam J
    I don't really have a one stop shop, there are quite a few internet sites I visit daily. Of course, CMS is my biggest, and their new site "Medlearn Matters" which explains all of the program changes in an easier format. These are where your coding alerts would come from. I use our Fiscal Intermediary sites daily, to see if any updates have been added to them. I use a site called Just Coding, which is for coding purposes, but when most of your codes are hardcoded in the chargemaster, this help at times to see what others are doing. I follow an Interventional Radiology site, along with an AMA site, a Nuclear med site, our Medicaid site, and a few other specialty sites to keep up with what is going on out in the world.
    What is your internet database for? For your hospital, or as a product to sell?
  2. by   Meow63
    Don't know if anyone is still out there on this thread, but I am also a nurse and am the Chargemaster Coordinator at my Health Systems. I would like to talk to other nurses in this position. Anyone still out there??