Looking For CNA'S who live upstate NY

  1. Hi,My name is Doreen, I live in NJ right now but, I used to live upstate NY,Windham,and the Catskill area,Iam moving back as soon as school lets out. I was just wounding if anyone is from up that way? Thanks,Doreen
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  3. by   amanda44
    Hi doreen....I live in upstate ny....st. lawrence county.....
  4. by   Krissy NY
    Welcome back to upstate (although I consider Nyack mid-state) some consider it the sticks. I have a friend from L.I. who thinks anything past the Bronx is the country (like get out your fiddle and do-si-do) LOL

    You can email me anytime. I have friends who work in Ulster County...I believe not far from Catskill. There are very many LTC facilities in the area as many of our seniors look to get out of the city later in life.... as well as their family members try to choose a beautiful country environment for them.

    No problems finding employment as I can see. Good luck to you.

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