long days ahead

  1. hey there everybody new to you all and soon to be a newby on the floors for real!
    currently on break from school...and my books! previously coastie on the waters off the coast enjoying life out in the boats floatin around to different opportunities and situations
    lived all over calif most of life, got away to live in nevada, hawaii, arizona, & st john usvi for a while...back to calif to grow up a little more before i move around again!

    when i used to have a life other thatn between the pages in various books...i loved traveling anywhere have been to some great places filling up the ol' passport...or miles on the truck!
    i do anything with water~ swim, surf, snorkle, scuba, fishin, sailing...outside of being on the water~~adventure hiking, moutain biking, anything to get those endorphins going! i love love love all sorts of music!!thank god for ipod! the 80 gb!!!
    i m a reader outside of nursing textbooks and manuals!!! & am embaressed to say i have my vcr programed for survival fuji!!! ( used to get back to reality after long days at clinical!!!)
    but me in a nutt shell for now...this is me now :roll
    and this will be me starting next week :smilecoffeeilovecof with a little of this and :stone that & of course the occasional
    look forward to being part of the camarodity of nursing!
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    gonna be!!!!


  3. by   Tweety
    Best wishes in all that you do. Welcome to Allnurses!