Long: Another newbie with an intro and very specific L&D questions

  1. Hi everybody:

    I'm Renee' Snyder, currently 25 years old at the end of my freshman year in college. My family is one built around nursing, seems all the women in my family are nurses. My mom is an LPN & RT working on her RN right now, my aunt is a 17year proctology nurse & my grandmother was head charge nurse for the L&D unit in flagstaff for what seemed like forever. I have considered many careers, but always keep coming back to labor and delivery nursing or Certified Nurse Midwifery.

    During high school I had the opportunity to be involved in a Healthcare Technologies & Certified Nurse Assistant program. Both of these classes offered short term clinicals in L&D and I absolutely loved my time there. I have attended about 9 births, 6 in clinicals and 3 as a friend/doula. During one of the friend's births I actually got to see a caesarean section. I know this is what I want do. Being anywhere near pregnant or laboring women just feels so right to me. I know it's what I am here for. I just have some concerns about logistics.

    I have some very specific questions regarding L&D nursing:

    1) Is it possible whether through pools or some other method to avoid the dreaded weekend shift or will that be a permanent part of my life?

    2) If you believe in more natural birth options, what setting is best to work in and can you help out mothers in hospital settings to have their birth their way?

    3) Are there any Arizona L&D nurses on this forum? If so, how long is preceptorship out here?

    4) Can you come out of nursing school & immediately get into L&D or do you have to do med/surg or telemetry?

    5) What are the best and worst aspects of L&D nursing?

    6) I wholeheartedly believe that birth is a natural process that should not be invaded by unnecessary medical interventions that are purely for the comfort of the physician or are simply preventative measures. Will my "natural" birthing outlook make my work difficult and or frustrating?

    7) What is involved in preceptorship? What I mean is that my mother says that the hospital that you recieve your training at requires you to work for them for a certain amount of time after they specialty train you. Is this true? And for how long does that particular hospital "own" you after your specialty training is complete?

    Thank you all so much for your help, any and all advice is welcome.

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  3. by   emmy
    Hi Renee
    Welcome to allnurses, you may like to try posting your questions on the ob forum as they will be able to answer specific questions you may have. Good Luck with everything
  4. by   suzanne4
    Welcome to Allnurses.com................I can answer some of your questions for you but not all. I lived and worked in Phoenix for about 14 years, much of it as agency and was sent all over the state. Working in NICU and nurseries I got to see many of the L&D set-ups in the state.

    You will need at least one year experience in L&D before you can even be considered for working pool at a hospital or for an agency.
    Yes, you will have to do your share of weekend rotations which can vary from every other weekend to every third weekend on average.
    You preceptorship will vary depending upon the individual hospital, as well as your skill and comfort level, etc. Some hospitals want you to stay for one year after training you, others two years...............and others have nothing set.
    There are some excellent nurse midwives in the Phoenix area.......see if you can shadow one for a day or two..........possibly in a few different cities to get their perspectives on how they do things. And yes, there are some that I used to work with that have the same feelings as you...............

    Good luck to you...........Hope that this helps..sorry I couldn't answer all of your questions.........