Just wanted to introduce myself!

  1. Hello all,

    I just wanted to introduce myself on the board. My name is Bobbie and I am an furture LPN student from Virginia Beach. I am also in the Navy so I will have my hands full with that and going to school in the evenings. I browse this site all of the time and it has been really helpful and hope it will continue to be as I go through school. Peace and blessings to all of those that read this!
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  3. by   Tweety
    Welcome to Allnurses. I hope you find the site helpful to you as you journey forward.
  4. by   MissIndependent
    Thank you so much for the welcome. This site has been more than helpful already, I look forward to interacting with you all further.
  5. by   margem
    as Miss Independant above stated - thanks for the welcome. i'm not real good at using a computer yet so please be patient. i have worked in pacu since 12/76 so i guess u can say i'v found my area, i enjoy being able to be at the bedside caring for my pts. it is also nice not having the same pt every day. i took my certification exam in 11/03 & have been a CPAN ever since. for those taking the exam for the first time, i suggest you start studying a few months in advance. the core curriculum & the text by Drain are both excellent resources (especially the Drain text). i'm sure the exam is much different now, but once you pass it you will be proud of your acomplishment. as was said b4, ...have the courage to change the things u can, the serenity to accept those you cannot, & the wisdom 2 know the difference. if u can do that u can pass the exam. good luck & thank-u again 4 the welcome.
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  6. by   oklahomarn57
    Welcome... today is my first day on this site.