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  1. I feel rather ignorant as I do not even know what a "thread" is but it seems I'm expected to start one here! I just found this website today (I read about it in a book or magazine somewhere) and I am thrilled to be able to connect with other NICU nurses. I have been an NICU nurse since 1989 (when I graduated from nursing school) I work in a level 3 unit in downtown Toronto. Every time I go to work, I meet some new, young nurses (it seems we are in a hiring frenzy or something) and they all seem so "young" but confident. (??grad-itis) When I started, I was scared to death of the prems and now, I couldn't imagine anything else! I have seen a lot of changes over the years and I am anxious to see where our hospital is "at" compared to other's out there in cyberland.
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    Welcome, look forward to reading your posts!