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  1. Hey Everyone! My name is Keri and I just officially joined today. I am not a nurse or nursing student as of yet...hopefully I will be a nursing student come this fall. I won't find out until May whether I'm in or not. I had my interview today for the school I applied to and I'm not sure how I did.
    I scored well on the entrance exam and I felt confident until today after the interview. So....does anyone have any advice or ideas on what these schools look for in the applicants? (This is a vocational/technical school and a 12 month LPN program by the way.)
    Any advice will be greatly appreciated
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  3. by   cgizmo10
    Hi I just want to say Hi. I also just joined the website today and am starting an LPN program in the fall. I am getting so very excited. What about you? I can not wait, I have always loved helping people and enjoyed working in a hospital enviorment. Well, I just wanted to say whats up and good luck.

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    Welcome to All Nurses
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    Hey Chrissy!
    Thanks for the reply...
    I am very excited to start the nursing program, however I am sort of worried about my interview. It didn't go bad but there are things I wish I could add. I just had it this morning so I'm probably just being too hard on myself.
    Did you have an interview through your school?
  6. by   cgizmo10
    No I didn't have to have an interview, I am attending a community college. Where are you from? I am in PA. I just can't wait. The only big thing that I am worried about is IV's I thought they didn't teach you that. I thought LPN's just passed meds and did bed side stuff.
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    Good luck! Welcome to the website.
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    Thank you!
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    Hello and Welcome!