just had my state boards today......EEEEKS !

  1. hi all!

    just a short note to say hi and introduce myself.

    am nervous after taking my test today!

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  3. by   Tweety
    Good luck to you! Welcome!
  4. by   BabyNurseLPN
    I looked online for my results when I took the test in July. They were on the site in less than 24hrs. I took my test at Noon on July 17th and was able to see my results the 18th at about 10am or 11am.

    I just looked under the board of nursing site and veiwed the liscense verification page. I typed in my name and saw my liscense number there. So much better than waiting for the mail to come or paying a fee to see your results.

    Hope this helps..
  5. by   melba
    Hi Baby Nurse:

    I knew from my other fellow N. students that the info would not be up on PearsonVue for at least 30 hours and not on Board of Nursing for 2-3 business days.

    I checked the Board of Nursing 30 hours after the test I was SURE I failed (d/t all the drug questions).................and to my surprise I actually saw my name, license number and the words (in green)........APPROVED !!!

    I'm still numb as I write out my party invites, it has not hit me!!!!!:mortarboard:

    FYI, also I had the min. number of questions and only took me about 90 minutes in all to finish.