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  1. Hi-I'm a 49 year old teacher/tutor who has always wanted to be a nurse-anyway, I live in the Boston area and am finishing my last 2 pre-reqs at Bunker Hill Community College-very affordable and and covenient as I work full time and tutor evenings-I'm hearing that the Bunker Hill nursing school is turning down applicants left and right but I'm hopeful-anyway, I'll be applying Dec.29 and hope to enter into their weekend program in September,2007, if all goes as planned-I'm interested in taking a cna course in the spring to get myself more prepared-I heard the Red Cross offers one but I also heard about one at Winchester Hospital ( 5 minutes north of Boston) anyone have any info on that? Like I said, I'm so new at this-just saw a few postings on here about how tough it is to find RN jobs in the Boston area-is that true? Oh well, I could ask a thousand more questions-Thanks for listening-Jeannie
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    Good luck. Welcome to Allnurses!

    If you have specific questions about Boston, you might consider posting them on the Masschusettes nurses section of this website.