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  1. Hello! How's it going?

    I got my CNA license about a year and a half ago, and just started my first CNA job last week at an understaffed nursing home (with a lot of obviously upset CNAs and nurses due to that very reason). I'm completely terrified for when my orientation is over, hahaha!
    (I'm obviously laughing because screaming in fear shows weakness and I'm trying not to accept that as a fear!! Gotta be brave!!)

    That aside, I always meant to get a job right after I got my license since I think having experience in a work setting would be extremely beneficial for someone like me, but I ended up getting thrown into jury duty and had a bunch of other inconveniences that prevented me from focusing on a job hunt until now. Talk about luck, am I right? Hehehe

    I'm also a nursing student, and they always say it'd be better to not work while studying... But I really feel like I need this since I always feel insufficient in my skills and I'm unable to practice things like bedbaths or transferring in my home. I could always practice at school, but uh... I don't think hanging out with a bunch of plastic people that look like they're constantly screaming in agony without sound (until you press the 'on' button) would give me the best experience with basic skills since I can pretend it's the easiest situation at all times.

    I've always been told that I'm clumsy and too childish, and even had comments that I shouldn't be in this field because I'm "not cut out for it," namely due to my soft speaking tone and, well... I'm pretty emotional. But I know my flaws and I'm trying to adapt to situations! (Slowly and steadily, but still! Better than nothing!)
    I guess being told those things so often made me overly nervous about every little thing over the past few years of testing the waters, but I still have like, 2 whole cups of determination to prove them all wrong (and just having any bit of determination helps in a tough field like nursing, I believe.)

    I joined this forum only to remind myself to skim helpful articles like how to write care plans and all that fun stuff for school, as well as forum threads to help motivate me whenever I'm down... So I thought I should try introducing myself, even though I consider myself to be a lurker.

    Anyhow, thanks for reading this post and I hope you have a great day (and/or night)!
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  3. by   PotatoRN
    Hello fellow lurker!
    I am soft spoken and emotional/anxious, but I believe if you have strong drive/work ethic you can do it. It won't be easy but don't despair! Learning to develop good coping mechanisms and being able to identify/draw from your strengths really helps as you go along. There are a lot of nursing niches to explore, where all diverse personalities can find a place to flourish. I am still searching for that place myself, but I believe there is a place for all types of nurses.
    Good luck with your studies !
  4. by   wondern
    Welcome, STLocomotive! ALL ABOARD! (I love how Tom Hanks says it in Polar Express.) Bet those old folks are lucky to have you caring for them, and probably really appreciate your soft-spoken emotional side.