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    [FONT=System]Good day ..... may the peace and love of our Lord JesusChrist be with you all I am so proud to be a nurse but as of the moment I'm not in the field to render TLC to people that needs it . I wish I can have a refreshment course as soon as possible for me to be able to serve and be of help . I graduated on March 95 in the Philippines I was able to become Canadian and accepted to take NCLEX in the states I'm ready intellectually but I want to have a refreshment course that will update me to the technology and advancement of Nursing care in the Western world if theres anything that you can do to help me please reply to me and I am willing to take courses or study that will help me improve myself I am ready and willing to be out there and give my services.

    [FONT=System]Thank you and God bless.

    [FONT=System]Fe of Montreal, Quebec
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