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  1. hi i live in south louisiana in an area that produces rice.
    there are many rural and community health jobs in the area.i now work private duty though i am looking into maybe a job in dialysis while i am studying for my rn degree.i have been nursing for twelve years and now that my children are school age i decided to move up and on in nursing.i love being a nurse because i enjoy people.
    currently i care for handicapped children at home.it can be challenging and sometimes extremely boring because of the conversation barrier.sometimes you are made to feel like the furniture(like please let me disappear) and other times like the maid or butler but most of all its rewarding.
    i have previously worked hospital......med-surg,telemetry,ob,day surgery,surgery,medicine(not my favorite),peds,home health.my favorite is home health.i really like to visit with the elderly so i have to say that when i finish school that definately i want to do it again.

    once i went to work part-time at a really ritzy retirement center in northwest florida.there were even bentlys and rolls royces parked outside. i hope to find some interesting stuff on this site.so far so good.great day!
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  3. by   Tweety
    Nice to meet you. Welcome.
  4. by   Energizer Bunny
    Hi! Welcome to All Nurses!
  5. by   husker-nurse
    you will most DEFINITELY find some chuckles in here! Welcome, and enjoy!
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    Thank you all so much.
  7. by   Boo439
    Welcome to the site, I'm new here too! I visit my parents at their home near Naples in FL and the ALF's there have got some VERY nice cars, too. Living the good life