Junior in HS and want to get into Nursing Program

  1. Hey there. I was introduced to this forum from Reddit (r/nursing).
    I wanted to become a Police officer or a mechanical Engineer when I was young but since freshman year of my HS, I decided to go for nursing. There are reasons behind it but won't cover right now.

    Here is a little brief summary of my HS career so far.

    - I have 3.88 cumulative GPA from Freshman Year to Sophmore year. (4.2 Weighted GPA)

    - I am doing ok so far except that I have B in AP chemistry.

    - The only AP test I took was AP stat and I am planning to take AP Chem and AP calc this year.

    - My act score is 27.

    I am aiming for BSN program in Illinois state university (Mennonite college).

    Any advice what to do as an HS student?
    Also, what should I do in the future?

    None of my parents, relatives or friends work in Medical careers AT all, so I am sometimes quite lost on what to do.

    Thank you for help Y'all.
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  3. by   Hygiene Queen
    I would recommend getting some exposure to healthcare. You can become a CNA at 16, get some patient care experience in a nursing home. That's a good place to start. I knew many many nurses who did this. You could even start off with volunteering, kitchen, housekeeping, activities... just get some exposure to being around patients. Is there a type of medical careers class at your high school wherein you can observe or do volunteer-type classes in a clinical setting? Do it if you can.
  4. by   Nursetom1963
    I tell everyone who tells me they want to be a nurse to go get their CNA, and work it, or volunteer, or anything to get some first hand experience of what they're getting into, it's not for everyone, and once you see what the job entails, you may decide it's not for you, and that's OK, better than sinking four years and thousands of dollars into a degree you don't/can't use.