Juggling a wedding and nursing school?

  1. Hi, all!

    I just started my two year nursing program this August and expect to graduate with my BSN in May of 2019. I have class/clinicals every Wednesday-Friday.

    On the same hand, my boyfriend of six and a half years is really hinting at proposing by the end of the year. Of course, it's been a long-time-coming and I'm ecstatic for that to happen! So my question is: with the anticipated workload of nursing school and studying, would it be best to plan on having a wedding & honeymoon during summer of 2018 before my last year of school (giving us roughly 6-8 months of planning but distant from the NCLEX) or wait until after I graduate (giving us more like 20 months of planning but coinciding with that last year/NCLEX prep). Have you planned a wedding while in nursing school and what was your experience?

    Thank you for your input and advice!
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  3. by   oceangirl1234
    I have many friends who have gotten married throughout various stages of nursing school. If you really want to get married, then make it happen. I would just wait for the proposal and go from there...
  4. by   verene
    It really depends on how extravagant your wedding plans are and how much help you have. I planned a wedding during my senior year of my first bachelor's degree and it was very doable. I think I could have managed the same wedding while going through nursing school. That being said I had a fairly small/simple wedding, wasn't particularly fussed about most details, and had family/friends will to help with planning and logistics. If you are planning a huge wedding and need to be involved in every detail it may be more difficult.
  5. by   PixieRN1
    I got married the summer between my junior and senior year. I had my wedding on Memorial Day weekend and had the entire summer off afterwards just to chill. It wasn't hard to do at all.

    The only bummer with Memorial Day is that if I want to celebrate my anniversary, it's around a holiday weekend, so about 50% of the time I have to work it, but it isn't a big deal for us. We aren't overly sentimental, but I know some people are and that might be a problem.

    But you can do it and it really wasn't that hard or time consuming.
  6. by   dogmombyday
    I got engaged in January, literally 2 days into my last semester. I'm getting married next month and I managed to finish school and pass the boards plus start my first nursing position while planning a wedding. My family/Fiance understood that wedding planning had to take a bit of a back seat to the NCLEX because..uh...duh it's the freakin nclex! They were supportive and my mom took on a lot of the work of planning for me. It is stressful but it can be done! I will say, on a side note, that you'll get some annoying comments about getting engaged/married during nursing school because there are people who swear it can't be done...just look at your ring (when you get it of course) and drown them out. Best of luck!