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  1. Hi! My name is Jenifer (Jeni). I'm a third year college student (re-entry) working on finishing my prerequisites to enter a BSN program. I'm also working on getting on the waiting list at my CC...just in case! Currently, I live in So Cal.

    I've been reading this board off and on for a year or so and just recently decided to go for it and become a nurse! I'm 30 years old and married to a wonderful man. We don't have kids yet -- I'm trying to finish school before breeding :chuckle -- I am always awed by those of you out there who are parents, students and employees all at once.

    I'm a CNA, but haven't really worked as one. Out of high school I wanted to become a nurse, but my life took a different path. My background is in office administration and executive assistant type work. It never really had meaning for me and after caring for my grandmother before she passed away, I realized nursing was it for me.

    I'm a singer (weddings, funerals, open mic nights...) and if I ever find a way to work as a nurse and feed my soul with music on a regular basis, I'll be tickled pink.

    Just wanted to introduce myself and thank everyone for all the wonderful insights I've been given already.
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  3. by   jnette
    ........"me mi mo menny.... jenni !!!" :chuckle

    welcome to allnurses !

    glad you decided to join us... and what a way to begin on your new adventure ! you'll get plenty of advice here.. wanted and unwanted..heh heh.

    seriously, jump right in and make yourself at home ! welcome aboard.
  4. by   Noney
    Welcome to the site. When I graduated one of my classmates sang at graduation. Maybe you can too.