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    Are there any nurses that have graduated from ITT? Can you please share your experiences about the program? Did any of you have trouble finding a job?

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  3. by   lezleyhindman
    I am new new grad from Brickinridge School of Nursing at ITT.....what did you want to know??
  4. by   itt.nursingstudent
    I was just curious as we are a new graduating class well some of us. Out of a class of 24 only 7 are graduating. 9 are not graduating due to having to make an 850 on the exit HESI and this new policy that was just created in June 2013. The other 8 are not graduating due to not being to score a 90 on a dosage calculations test in Nursing Roles II. When you took the Exit HESI were you only allowed 3 times? Did you take a final dosage calculations test? Have you secured a job? Sorry to be so nosey, but I really want to know how it is a graduate and did the other school follow these same rules. We are also having trouble securing jobs because of the accreditation problem. No one wants to hire us!

    Please if you don't mind sharing please let me know!


    ITT Nursing Student
  5. by   DSkelton711
    If your school is not accredited, can you even sit for the licensing exam?
  6. by   itt.nursingstudent
    Yes! You can still sit!
  7. by   NottaSpringChik
    We had a private school in my area that wasn't accredited for years but the State (compact) allowed them to sit for NCLEX. These grads had a good reputation and didn't seem to have any trouble getting jobs. The school was finally accredited and the former graduates (all years prior) got a new diploma with the accreditation written on it. I thought that was strange because my school got an additional accreditation the same year but in the following term from when I graduated and our class was told the additional accreditation would not apply to us.