It's about time I said hello!

  1. Sorry group, been here discussing for a bit. Was so eager to jump in and debate that I never officially said HI!

    I'm a nurse since '95, working in critical care/ heart transplant. Have the best man alive for a husband and two crazy teen girls, one great boy.

    living in WNY, trying to vacation more than my budget allows, while remodeling a "new" house that we moved into in september.

    Plus I try to exercise and read in my minimal spare time, dabbling with quitting smoking... just made it 2 weeks only to pick it up agaim :imbar

    so enough about me... have more nursing orientation in the ICU job in the am. Enjoying the debates with ya'll. I learn from you everyday.

    Disclamer; I can't spell, I can be forward, If I offend you... PM me.. and expect me to start groveling and apologizing.
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  3. by   nekhismom
    welcome! Enjoy the hot debates, and remember, try not to post hate-posts against people, only thoughts!! :chuckle I know that can be hard at times, but if that becomes the case, the ignore button can be a GREAT commodity!

    See ya around!