1. Hello everyone my name is Deborah and I'm new to the family of future LVN/LPN's and current LVN/LPN's . I have applied to the LVN program at Chaffey College in California and I hope to be accepted. This will be a second career for me. I have been a business corporate baby for 35years plus and unfortunately or fortunatley when the bottom fell out I was downsized from my firm. To make a long story short...I turned my negative into a postive and decided to go into nursing which is my second love. I am excited and anxious about going to nursing school. Chaffey also has an intense LVN program. I'm currently employed part-time with the hospital that I will be interning with. I have read all the postings and I have empathy for all who are pondering what to do LVN vs. RN. I chose to be an LVN due to my age... I will be 50 in august and because I have been out of school for 30+ years it would take forever to finish the pre-req's for the RN program. Now, don't get me wrong, I love bedside nursing and I am going to be proud to be an LVN. I just hope that more opportunities will open up for LVN's and my ultimate hope is that we are utilized more and valued more by our peers!
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    Welcome to the BB...and good luck with the studying!!!

    See you around.