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  1. hello everyone,
    my name is michelle, and i'm also disabled. prior to this occuring too me, i worked in the mental health field for over 13 yrs. growing up as a child i always had a goal set to work in the health profession. my mom is an rn and she loves it, although as many of you may know that the healthcare industry has changed tremendously over the years, which isn't something that i'm pleased with, however most importantly it's the patients who have a difficult time with various issues, such as not recieving the proper treatment they so deserve. i say this because my grandmothers, of which both are still living, thank god, they really hate having to go too the doctor because they feel as though there's not enough time for the patient & the doctor doesn't give them the adequate treatment they feel.
    i too have been on both sides of the fence, working in the field & also being a patient, so i can very well relate. this is a true story. while i worked before becoming ill, i had no idea that bipolar disorder runs in my family, due too my grandparents rasing me since i was 6 weeks old. my parents divorced & my mom couldn't take care of 3 children & complete her education, so therefore she did make the correct decision in placing my brothers & i with family... to speed things up, i also pursued my career in the healthcare field, and i worked at a psych facility in northern, ca. and i really enjoyed my job, although there was many challenges along the way, but in the end it was rewarding for me due too the fact that i was able to do what i enjoyed best, which is helping people of all ages, & various backgrounds. in 1997, my career ened due to me working, attending classes at sjsu to work on my ma, it became too mcuh, & at the same time i just kept going, but i always felt very "different" within even as a child up too my adulthood.
    well, as i was preparing for a confernce, somethig within took control & i had a panic attack, then following that the next thing i can recall is waking up & being in a hospital. i was then put through a series of questions by doctors, nurses & many tests were done. after all of this, three days had gone by & i was anxious to get back to work, which didn't occur. i spent 3 weeks in a psych facility, not the one i worked at, thank-goodnes. my mom & other family members came to see me, but what was very interesting is that finally i was told the "truth" about my family history & what occured too me. being dx with bipolar disorder, p.t.s.d.,
    anxiety disorders, depression, etc. i was totally devestated that my career had ended. after my d/c i wanted to try to go back to working pt & my employer had terminated me, which was another big blow, i then hired an attorney & was compensated, but that wasn't the issue, money, i loved my job & they had no right to do this too me. well, as time passed on i did finally "accept" my illness & went too extensive privatetherapy sessions, counseling along with participating in cognitive therapy as well. that itself was a "major" expwerience for me going from being a professional worker too a patient, & i saw and felt alot of things that i couldn't beleive i was seeing.
    to cut this short, i'm now an independant advocate in helping people with disabilities, along with being involved with online support groups & currently working on crerating my personal website so i can help others.
    i realize that there's many groups out here troday, but most of them that i did become involved in were such a joke, and people really wasn't giving the members of the group the proper support they needed, and i personally saw a need for me to do something to make a difference...
    many of my friends have left those groups, & i do give them 1:1 assistance via email, phonecalls, & even i've had the opportunity of meeting most of them face-to-face traveling too different parts of the country to meet my online friends of whom i help, and it's so wonderful to have that opportunity. also 2 yrs ago i went too a jr. college just to keep busy & have something "positive" to do, which i surpprised myself by having a 3.25 gpa & enjoyed going too school. later, the following yr i couldn't return due too chronic pain & having a tah/bso along with other surgeries...
    i shall stop for now because i need to take a break, but i'm so "delighted" to me a member of this forum, and looking forward to making new friends, learning & sharing ...

    may everyone have a lovely & safe day!

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    Michelle...welcome to all nurses! We are glad to have you!