Introduction, Encouragement to RN2B's

  1. Donooch here: LVN, a recent RN Grad this June 2004, waiting to schedule my NCLEX exam. I'm brand NEW to this site. Was searching for info on the NCLEX test when I found out how nurses surf the web. I live on the west coast, California, USA.

    A big FriEnDLy HELLO to all of you nurses old and young and new and experienced in your field. I've read posts of some RN2B's who have already taken Boards once or twice, and I just must encourage you all to KEEP AT IT until you pass. You'll make it. Hey, you've come way to far to give up now. Then about the waiting, WOW,,, a month or more gone and you still haven't heard about your results?! Keep thinking PoSiTiVE and I'll do the same while devoting tons of time to studying and practicing those test questions. I've found the newest edition of Kaplan to be a GREAT study book! Hey, has anyone found any other NCLEX books helpful???

    RN Grads: Keep on taking your licensing exam and one of these days those new initials you'll get to put after your name will look "R"eally "N"ice (RN).
    I look forward to being a part of this site and getting to know y'all.
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    Welcome to All Nurses. Congrats on completing nursing school. Good luck on your NCLEX.