1. Hi, I'm another newbee, I came across this site when I was job searching and already like what I see - how lucky huh !
    I'm ready for a direction change. I've worked in a variety of settings - left a job of many years,which I loved, because it became a toxic environment which I had never experienced - worked hard trying to change it but had no management support. So unfortunately I gave my resignation. I went back to long term Pedi where I had worked before and loved it but now staffed with half the number of nurses, well you could do it if you didn't take a break or eat and I assumed it would get better. Then the corp. who owned the facility cut the staff again making it impossible to care for totally dependent residents giving the care they required and deserved. I just couldn't do "nursing" that way and after a year I resigned not knowing where my next job was. I am interested in Dialysis but have no experience so twice I was told they had hired
    a nurse with experience. I'm taking courses on line right now in hopes of getting a Dialysis position in the near future. If anyone has info on companies to avoid or ones that are good to work for I'd appreciate any info in the mean time I'm doing PDN. I'm so glad I found this site !!!!! HELLO to all of you !!!!
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    Welcome to the site and I hope you find something soon that you like
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